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strategic and business


Our Expertise

Everyone needs a plan - even more so in these uncertain times. So you can lead your organisation based upon the latest information about the forces that impact upon your market place.

Do you know how your business environment has changed and how your organisation can adapt? We collect a wide range of data, connect the dots, develop scenarios, and give advice on what is really important. 

A great strategic plan helps leaders to showcase their vision for the future – and gives funders confidence in your organisation.

We craft planning processes that can inspire everyone - from front line staff to the creatives - to think differently about your organisation and its 


Why choose us?


We are thinkers who bring new ideas

We are collaborative and listen closely

We help leaders to make the hard strategic choices

We write with clarity and purpose

We help meet external planning requirements

We speak the language of CEOs, Creative Directors, Policy Makers, and Funders.

What we do 

- Strategic plans

- Context analysis

- Performance analysis

- Key performance indicators

- Risk management

- Benchmarking

- Scenario planning

- Workshop facilitation

- Business plans

- Audience development plans

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