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strategic and program


Our Expertise

Is it difficult to prove what difference your program makes to its participants and the community? We are experienced in collecting hard data to tell the story of cultural and STEM programs. This is the sort of evidence that many philanthropists and funding agencies are looking for. 


Evaluation is the best way to take stock of your program, service, or event. We clearly map out how the initiative or program works. By clarifying the inputs, outputs and outcomes of a program we can identify changes to increase the overall impact. Our processes engage the whole team resulting in shared learning. 


Sometimes it is important to be able to tell the story of an initiative as it unfolds – and our process can give regular reports and stories so you can share them with stakeholders interested in the outcomes of your work.

What we do 

- Program logic

- Outcome analysis

- Performance measurement

- Economic analysis

- Longitudinal research

- Depth interviews

- Case Studies

- Workshop facilitation

- Formative evaluation

- Summative evaluation

Why choose us?


We bring serious analytical nous

We collaborate and build clients capacity

We collect the evidence to tell the real story about impact

We speak the language of practitioners, funders and fundraisers

We have a deep understanding of the cultural sector

See stories of our work
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