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Powerhouse Museum

Secures funding with evidence

The Powerhouse Museum has an innovative Education Team – and the head Peter Mahony wanted to scale up the coding program for schools. The Development Team saw the opportunity, but they knew they needed more evidence of the programs impact on schools to grow sponsorship. So, they asked their trusted colleague Wavelength Director, Bridget Jones to evaluate the program.


Our Solution

The Situation

Together with Peter Mahony and Mark Sieckman, A/Head of Development, Bridget mapped the program logic.  She researched the impact of the coding club on teachers and students through depth interviews, an online survey, and a class observation.  Bridget produced an evaluation report and developed insights into the program with Peter and Mark during a collaborative workshop


Mark showed sponsors the evidence of how the coding program helped teachers and students. This led to sponsors committing more funding to the program – so it could be further expanded. Mark was very pleased with the result and said, “Thanks to Wavelength, we now have a greater understanding of our impact that can be leveraged for additional funding support

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